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If you don't have a valid Windows Live account, you can create one online by visiting To learn more, call 1-877-FLIGHT-SIM. We're sorry but your account cannot be used with this product. If you purchased this product from Microsoft online, contact support to receive a Windows Live ID. If you purchased this product in a retail store, you can create a new account on the spot. To create an online account, please go to and log in to your Microsoft account. For more information about Windows Live, visit our online support center.Q: Subscript out of range when using indexing I am trying to use the.get to get the results of a sub array, but I keep getting this error: Subscript out of range When I use the.get() method I want to get a specific array from a specific layer in an array, but i keep getting the error. Here is my code so far for i in range(15): for j in range(15): startLayer = np.where(layers == i)[0] endLayer = np.where(layers == j)[0] print(i) print(j) print(startLayer) print(endLayer) l = layer.get(np.where(startLayer == i)[0]) print(l) print(layers[l]) Here is the sample output 1 (10, 11) (11, 11) 11 20 (30, 31) (31, 31) Error A: The range function returns a list, not an int. So the following line of code: l = layer.get(np.where(startLayer == i)[0]) is trying to access the elements at index 11 of layer but the layer is only 8 elements long. This line should instead be: l = layer.get(np.where(startLayer == i)[0][0



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Microsoftflightsimulatorxdeluxecrackactivation [2022-Latest]

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